The Vagabond Pledge

I, ___[name]___,_____[call sign]____, do pledge........that as a Vagabond.....whether I travel hither and yon......or to and fro, from place to place...........either on the airways or on the by-ways........I will always be moving in the right direction.

[Net Controller:] I hereby declare, _____[name]____, ____[call]____, a member in good standing with all the privileges and honors accorded permanent Vagabonds.

Congratulations, and may you always keep moving in the right direction!

And now, before we hear a short biographical sketch from you and anything else you would like to say, all the Vagabonds on frequency may offer their congratulations .

Thank you Vagabonds. And now, ___[name]_____, we are ready for your comments.

Thank you, ___[name]___. Again, congratulations. Your permanent Vagabond No. is ______. [ASK CATHY IF SHE NEEDS TO GET ADDRESS, BIRTHDAY, ETC.]

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