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Tue Jul 31 2018, 01:57PM
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Per the Vagabond Rag Chew Net Bylaws Section 4, a meeting of the membership is scheduled for following The Vagabond breakfast on August 22, 2018 at 10:00 am at the K&W Cafeteria on Healy Drive.
The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the following:
1. The venue for this year’s annual meeting.
2. The loss of the Vagabond Rag Chew Net website
Annual Meeting Venue
At the last meeting a member brought up going to a restaurant for the meeting in lieu of the current venue. This was tabled since it was not on the agenda. The Vagabond Officers wish to get feedback from the membership prior to making a decision about the annual meeting venue.
The officers have been notified by the webmaster that he will be no longer providing the website to the Vagabond Rag Chew Net. The website was hosted personally by a member and is not transferable. The Vagabond Officers wish to obtain member and NCS feedback about the need / desire for a website as well as options for doing so.
The meeting is expected to last approximately 30 minutes depending upon the length of membership discussion.
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Tue Aug 07 2018, 12:14PM
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Regarding the venue for the annual meeting --

1.  Since becoming a Vagabond on June 3, 2010, I've attended eight annual meetings aka Christmas parties.  The first ones were at cafeteria-style restaurants (usually K&W, but at least one was at Golden Corral).

2.  The meetings at restaurants resulted in complaints from members.  The biggest complaint was that it was difficult or impossible to hear what was being said during the business meeting.  Those who were unable to hear, of course, could not participate fully.  In trying to hold our meeting, we were competing with the restaurant's piped-in music and with other diners.

3.  Neither Golden Corral nor K&W could guarantee availability on any specific date -- i.e., they do not make reservations.  Seating is "first come, first served."  There is no guarantee of being able to seat all Vagabonds together.  At K&W, this usually resulted in having about half the group on one side of a big room divider, about half on the other side, and a few others in yet another portion of the dining area.

4.  At the last annual meeting held at K&W, there was a problem with another patron (not a Vagabond) who appeared to have some kind of medical issue that caused him to shout incessantly for long periods of time during the business meeting and meal.  The person in question was obviously blameless, but at the same time, his outbursts disrupted the meeting and made members uncomfortable.

5.  As a result of these problems and complaints, the Vagabonds set out to find space that would be more conducive to holding a meeting and having a form of fellowship that didn't involve competition with non-Vagabonds in the same environment.

6.  Thanks to KE4JHJ-Dave and his wife Susan, we were able to secure the fellowship hall at the church for each of the past few years.  The church doesn't charge a fee, but out of gratitude, the Vagabonds have always made a donation.

7.  The sharing of food, individually prepared by each of us, is an added aspect of fellowship that isn't available at a restaurant.  I personally think the food is much better than anything available at a restaurant.  I like the fact that everyone pitches in to help feed everyone else.

8.  At the fellowship hall, there is no problem with anyone being heard during the business meeting.  We have full control of the room.  We can also bring in our own music, or we can choose not to have music.

9.  The fellowship hall is easy to reach.  Parking is plentiful.  Every Vagabond who shows up can be assured of having a seat at a table with other Vagabonds.

10.  The costs are not significantly different.  The only difference, really, is how the money is paid and who ends up with it:

      a.  At a restaurant, each person ends up paying the restaurant for a meal.  Typically, we have about 30-40 people show up.  If each one pays $12, that's $360 - $480 in Vagabond money being spent.

      b.  At the fellowship hall, most people will prepare some kind of dish, but that's a whole lot less expensive than buying a restaurant meal.  Let's say you spend $5 on the ingredients.  With 30-40 people showing up, that's $150 - $200 in Vagabond money spent on food.  Add a $150 donation in gratitude for use of the hall and you end up with $300 - $450 in Vagabond money.

In my opinion, we are clearly better off, in so many ways, by meeting at the church instead of in a restaurant.

John, W8LWX

[ Edited Tue Aug 07 2018, 12:19PM ]
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Wed Aug 08 2018, 02:26PM
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John I am in complete agreetment w ith your statement on this issue if the fellowship hall is open for us to on the annual meeting go for it
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