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Net Controller Schedule
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Fri Jan 05 2018, 01:30PM
Vagabond 698
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Why are we not able to see the controller schedule anymore?
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Fri Jan 05 2018, 03:09PM

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[Bill, this has already been explained in the Back Office itself (click on Net Schedule to see it), but here is the explanation again:]

The calendar setting forth the net schedule, previously at this location in the Back Office, has been removed as of 12/22/17.

E-mail is now the principal means of communicating with net controllers regarding scheduling matters.  As a result, the schedule that was once available in the Back Office has become surplusage.  If we had a fairly settled, regular schedule, your humble webmaster could easily ensure that the website accurately mirrored the president's scheduling e-mails at all times.  But alas, we do not have a settled, regular schedule.

About half of our nets are being scheduled on an ad hoc basis due to a shortage of net controllers who are willing to commit to regular, recurring shifts.  This dramatically increases the webmaster's burden in maintaining the Back Office net schedule and also increases the chances of error.  Rather than undertake the burden, and rather than invite instances in which the website fails to agree with the president's e-mailed schedule, I have discontinued the duplicative feature.

My apologies to any who are inconvenienced.

John, W8LWX

[P.S. -- Since your question is about the website, your original post has been moved to the Website Issues Forum instead of the Member Forum.]
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Tue Jan 09 2018, 12:14PM
President 2018 - VB 745
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The current goal is to minimize the workload for the web master as well as the President concerning scheduling of NCS. As John said we are currently using Email to the scheduled NCS to communicate that schedule. I do know know if John can post a monthly PDF of the schedule in the interim that members may down load.

Any member who would like to run a net (there is no requirement to do it weekly or x-times per month) please send me an email and I will be happy to help you find a date to be a Net Controller.

Once we get a regular core group of controllers that can be easily plugged into the back-office calendar, I will ask John to look into re-establishing the NCS Calendar. Volunteering to become a NCS will help make this happen. 73's Harlan

[ Edited Tue Jan 09 2018, 05:02PM ]
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