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Issues with 145.470 repeater
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Mon Dec 04 2017, 10:25AM

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The 145.470 repeater was moved during the weekend to a different location due to some issues at Sauratown Mountain.  The repeater's "footprint" is likely to be smaller while it's at the new location.  The signal may no longer reach as far north (into Virginia, for instance) or as far west.  Echolink may also be out for awhile.

Details were provided at the Dec. 2 party/meeting.  I'd guess that more details will be provided here on the website by others who know more than I do, but I wanted to at least get something posted today in case someone in the affected areas comes here looking for answers.

[ Edited Mon Dec 04 2017, 09:44PM ]
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Mon Dec 04 2017, 02:39PM
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Fellow Vagabonds! As you may have seen today with the recent repeater temporary relocation there are some issues with reception. I have been assured that the techincal people for repeater are working on the issues and hope to have a solution as soon as possible.

We may temporarily move to a backup repeater later this week AFTER I have the opportunity to confirm with the repeater owner that it is ok. Moving to the backup will unfortunately not permit those on Echolink to check in as there is not node for that repeater. My goal is to minimize the impact of the temporary relocaion to Vagabond Rag Chew Net and our memners.

Thank you for your patience.
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Thu Dec 07 2017, 02:38PM
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I cannot reach 145.470 in Mocksville but have no issue 147.315
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