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Controller Script

Last revised: 22 January 2018

Opening Remarks

This is              (callsign)             , calling the Vagabond Ragchew Net into session.  I'm         (name)            , and I'll be your net controller today.

This net is conducted on the W4NC repeater, frequency 145.470 MHz.  If it fails, net operations will shift to one of our backup repeaters: the W4NC repeater, 146.640 MHz; or the K4GW 147.315 repeater.  All repeaters use a 100 Hz PL tone and serve Winston-Salem and surrounding areas.

The Vagabond Ragchew Net meets every weekday afternoon at 2:30 Eastern for about 90 minutes to inform, enlighten, ragchew, and possibly add a bit of humor to the day.  We invite all newcomers, especially new hams,  to join us -- either as a casual check-in or by starting their series of five check-ins within 30 days in order to be pledged as a permanent Vagabond.

In the event of an emergency, we will terminate the Net.  For other priority traffic, we will suspend Net operations.

This is a directed net.  At intervals, I will ask for check-ins.  You should give only my call (        (callsign)           ) and then un-key briefly and listen.  Then, if the frequency is clear, give your Vagabond number if you have one, callsign, name and location.  Let me know if you are portable, mobile, or on Echolink, if you wish to be given priority.

Direct all transmissions to net control and wait for me to call on you.  To comment out of turn, say "Comment" or "Contact" and wait to be recognized by net control.  Please use "Break" only for emergencies.

We'll now pause for EchoLink check-ins.  Local RF stations, please stand by until I put out another call.  EchoLink only, please come now.

    [If anyone is on EchoLink, put at top of your list and ask them to stand by.]

Now, is there anyone who is mobile or portable away from home who wishes to check in?  If so, come now.

    [Add them to your list.] 

Any other stations, of any kind, wishing to check in to the Vagabond Ragchew Net, please call        (callsign)        or net control now.

< . . .  [Proceed with the net, starting with EchoLink, then mobile/portable, then all others]. . . . . .>


[At any convenient time when things slow down, read our Announcements.]

[If you need to pledge a new member, you can find a copy of the Vagabond Pledge in the Tools menu of the website.]


Closing Remarks

We appreciate your check-ins, your comments, and your contributions.  We would again like to thank the Forsyth Amateur Radio Club for the use of this 145.470 repeater, W4NC, and the back-up repeater, 146.640; and we thank Jerry Minor for making his 147.315 repeater available as another back-up.

This afternoon, we had ____ check-ins, including                   temporaries [Who? Announce their numbers, call signs, and names]  and                  new pledges [Who? Announce their numbers, call signs, and names].

This is your net control station,              (call sign)            , now closing this session of the Vagabond Ragchew Net for the ___ day of _____, 2018.  We now return the frequency to routine amateur use at ____________ local time.

Have a good afternoon!  73s to all!  This is      (call sign)     , clear.

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