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About This Site

I hope this site provides useful information to anyone who has an interest in local amateur radio in the Winston-Salem area -- whether already a licensed ham or just someone who would like to know more. Here you will find information about the Vagabonds, to be sure, but also many other things related to ham radio in the Piedmont Triad. As with the Vagabonds' on-air net, the goal here is to inform, enlighten, and perhaps add a bit of humor to the day.

Vagabonds who sign up as registered users of this site will be able to:
  • View the current roster of permanent Vagabonds, which is hidden from unregistered guests;

  • View all calendar events, including Vagabond birthdays, which are hidden from unregistered guests;
  • Post comments in the Forums about things they heard on the net, things they wanted to say but didn't have time for, stories or thoughts they'd like to share with fellow Vagabonds, questions or solutions about ham radio or computers, items to buy, sell, or trade, or just about any other topic of decent conversation (unregistered guests can sometimes view but can never post);

  • Upload photos to be shared with fellow Vagabonds and the rest of the world.
For some years, the out-of-pocket expenses associated with this site were financed by the Vagabond Ragchew Net, with all required labor being furnished gratis by Yours Truly as webmaster.  However, effective December 30, 2016, all out-of-pocket expenses are absorbed entirely by W8LWX, who will neither request nor accept reimbursement therefor, and who is solely responsible for all decisions related to the site.

I hope you enjoy the site! Now, the inevitable disclaimer: This site is provided "as is," without warranty of any kind. Any questions may be directed to the webmaster, who can always be reached by using our Hollerin' Form (there's a link to it at the bottom of every page of this site).

W8LWX, John
Vagabond 544

How to Register

1. If you have not yet registered with this site, click on "Signup" in the panel on the left and follow the prompts.  Within the next 24 hours, you'll get an e-mail confirming that your account has been activated.  You must be a Vagabond to register.

2. If you've registered and received a confirmation by e-mail, you should be able to log in by entering the username (call sign) and password you chose when you registered.  If not, try "Signup" again.  If that fails, please inform the webmaster of your issue (use the link for our Hollerin' Form, found at the bottom of every page on this site) and await a response.

3. If you have registered with this site but forgotten your password, click on "Forgot Password" in the panel on the left and follow the prompts.  You'll get an e-mail with a link (good for 48 hours) which will allow you to log in and change your password.

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