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Breakfast. The Vagabonds meet for breakfast every Wednesday morning at 9:00 at the K&W Cafeteria, 3300 Healy Drive in Winston-Salem (click here for a map and directions). Everyone is welcome -- you do not need to be a Vagabond, or even a ham radio operator, to attend.

Contributions. You may make contributions to the Vagabond Ragchew Net by sending a check made payable to the Vagabonds or Cathy Melvin, our Secretary-Treasurer (KM4OCS). Our largest expense each year is a donation offered to the Forsyth Amateur Radio Club for the maintenance of their repeaters.

Net Controllers. We are in need of additional net controllers. If you are interested in assuming this responsibility, contact Mike, KF4EOD.  If no scheduled net controller has begun this net by 2:35 pm on a scheduled net day, any permanent Vagabond may act as net controller by being the first to volunteer, on the air, to do so.  All tools needed for this task are available on our website to any permanent Vagabond who is logged in.

Members' Health and Welfare. Our thanks to Janice, KJ4UYR, for serving as our Personal Information Coordinator. If you have or desire any information regarding Vagabonds as to their welfare or of illness in the family, contact Janice by using our Hollerin' Form on this website (see link at the bottom of each page), or by phoning her at the number shown for her on the roster.

Testing for Amateur Radio Licenses. There are many opportunities for license testing in our area. If you're planning on taking a license test, please bring the original and a photocopy of your current license (if you have one) and the original of any current CSCE, along with three forms of ID (one of which must be a photo ID). Also, remember to bring cash to pay your testing fees.

Winston-Salem - Amateur radio testing for new applicants as well as upgrades will be given the 2nd Monday of every month except December, just prior to the FARC regular meeting. Testing starts at 6:30 pm in the Red Cross building at 690 Coliseum Drive in Winston-Salem (see map). Pre-registration is required via e-mail, listing the elements you wish to test for and your phone number. Send that e-mail to the address shown on the VEC Testing page of the FARC's website (www.w4nc.com), ATTN: Dale Mierisch, WB9SZL.

Thomasville - Tests are given on the 3rd Saturday of each odd-numbered month at the public library at 14 Randolph Street in downtown Thomasville from 9:30 to 11:00 am (see map). Contact Tony Lewis, KG4TAH.

Greensboro - Testing in Greensboro is done on the 2nd Saturday morning of every month (except March, when it will be the 3rd Saturday) at 9:00 am, at the Hinshaw United Methodist Church, 4501 Gate City Boulevard (formerly known as High Point Road) (see map). Contact David Macchiarolo, AJ4TF. Walk-ins are permitted but pre-registration is preferred.

Bedford, Virginia - Testing is done the 2nd Sunday afternoon of every month at 2:00 pm at the Bedford, VA Library (see map). If you'd like the e-mail address for Judy, the person who handles these testing sessions, ask any Vagabond officer by using our Hollerin' Form on this site (see link at the bottom of each page) and we will send it to you.

Galax, VA - Tests are administered on the 2nd Thursday evening of each quarter (January, April, July, and October) at 7:00 pm in Galax, VA at the Twin County Regional Hospital, Basement Classroom No. 1 (see map). Walk-ins to the testing are welcome. Contact Brandy (KI4CPJ) or David (KI4AVS). When using e-mail, please put "Amateur Testing" on the subject line. Each of these testing sessions is subject to cancellation, so be sure to check before going.

Other Locations - There may be other test locations near you. One good way of finding them is to go to the W4VEC website, w4vec.org. Click on the link for "Find a Testing Session in Your Area" and scroll down to the state you live in.
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